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We specialize in building custom homes. Tiny homes take many shapes and sizes and we believe that a tiny house should reflect the lifestyle of the person who lives in it. Living tiny is an adjustment and the best way to manage the transition into tiny is to really ask yourself what is valuable in a living space and what is ultimately unnecessary. Perhaps you love to cook and would like a large kitchen to suit those needs. Or, perhaps you enjoy just kicking back and relaxing after a long day and would love a full-size den. Libraries, gardens, storage, bedroom you can stand up in – all options that can be made into your personal tiny home.

That said, sometimes we just want a tiny home that we don’t have to think about and in this case, we have you covered.

No matter what, we will build quality tiny homes that will endure the elements. We believe in our product and we believe that minimalism is only realistic when you start with a sturdy foundation.

Standard Trailer

  • Small to mid-size tiny homes

  • Gives you a classic tiny home layout. Often, the bathroom is on one end of the trailer and the other end can be used as a living room or kitchen.


  • Large tiny homes are heavy and once you reach 15,000 lbs on a standard trailer many conventional trucks are not rated to pull them. Gooseneck/Fifth Wheel trailers take the larger weight and distribute it through both truck axles instead just the rear (Standard Trailer)

  • As an added benefit, you get to build a “bonus room” on the hitch, thus giving you more space relative to the length of the trailer.

  • Recommended for tiny homes longer than 25 feet and/or heavier than 15,000 lbs.

  • That said, if you are not traveling frequently with your tiny home then using a gooseneck or fifth wheel is less of a priority.

What we Recommend

Canada is a harsh place to have a tiny home. Unlike our neighbors to the south, a lit more needs to be considered with building a tiny home. Freeze potential of water lines and septic, or solar decline over winter, or insulator capabilities that keep your tiny home running efficiently – all require a little more forethought.

Propane Heating with Electric Radiant Floor Heating – keep your house warm with solar but if there is not enough juice have a viable backup of a propane wall fireplace. Plus, a propane open face fireplace is a wonderful thing to curl up next to and read a book on those cold evenings.

Having a great heating system is only half of the battle. Having a good set of windows that don’t bleed all of that glorious heat is a great steep towards feasible tiny home living. Cheaper windows mean higher costs to maintain a heated home, so we recommend going with higher quality window.

If you plan on staying a while in the location where your tiny home is, we recommend keeping solar panels away from the house. Solar on the roof works but angles can be tricky when you place your tiny home, and sometimes the its hard to get your tiny home to face the sun in an efficient way. The solution is keeping your solar panels way from your house where you can move them with the seasons and when it snows you can easily sweep them rather than climbing to your tiny home roof and sweeping them there.

Plumbing is perhaps the most important thing to think about with Canadian winters. We heavily insulate the tiny homes, so the water lines are kept in tact within the home. However, where these pipes connect to outside of the tiny home is a different thing. We can help you figure out the best way to ensure that your plumbing does not burst in January. We have options for you and can figure the best one for you based on where you go

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