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Tiny House Master

Weather sealed shell –  Exterior Walls and roof completed

  • Plywood or USB Siding

  • Subfloor Base Waterproofed and anchored to the trailer Snap Lock Steel Roof on Blueskin Water Sealant underneath

  • Framing for Windows and Doors set up, but windows and doors not installed.


Tiny House Journey-Person

Everything Included. Above, and a little bit more

  • Windows and Doors Installed

  • Exterior siding, trim and window drip.

  • The exterior is complete, but the inside is left bare for you to use your creative magic.

Tiny House Crafts-Person

We are now in the Prime do-it yourself stage

  • Utility lines (water, electrical, plumbing, and propane) are roughed in.
  • Floor, walls, and ceiling insulated, vapour barrier sealed.

Tiny House Artist

We have gotten a lot of the nitty-gritty out of the way for you and now it’s time to pick appliances. And set up camp outside Ikea. Includes everything above plus more

  • Internal walls, ceiling, and floor are in.
  • Electrical boxes are set in place for you to add your favourite light fixtures.

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