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Tell us what is important to you in a tiny home and we will create something amazing for you.


Here at Vagabond, we love building tiny homes and have gotten pretty good at doing it. We also know that some people want a tiny home but are less specific about all the things that go into it. If you are in this boat, then this is the package for you.

We will ask you what kind of things you want in a tiny home and we take care of the rest. We think that a tiny home can also be a piece of art, so we dedicate ourselves into making something that fits your needs and styling. The result will be a tiny home with all the things you hoped for in it plus the creative and technical elements that we pride ourselves in.

This package allows Vagabond to put its full creativity into the project and we are thrilled with the opportunity to build homes that make people say “WOW”.
If this sounds like your thing then you are in good hand with us.

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